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Enjoy your browsing, as we seek a way to bring this rich variety into some order. We are considering topics, occasions and structure as organizing principles. We're not the only ones doing this.

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Here we collect specimens of vernacular phrasal display, a minor genre of oral tradition and verbal folk-art. These are expressions of somewhat fixed but flexible form, adaptable to particular situations and social needs -- Missuori sorrow, solidarity, exasperation, etc.

Expressions suited to negative occasions far outnumber those for happier moments.

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Maybe because we don't need fixed expressions to help us get through good things. It's harder to write a personal letter of condolence than one of congratulation, I think.

It's about knowing the stuff and how to use it, a social skill as much as an artistic gift.

There has been very little academic study of this material. For those who are so inclined, here's an article on the subject: Towards the Definition of a Form. Most readers are going to be interested in the collection itself. You'll find plenty below.

As a sidebar, there's the separate but related genre of "catchphrase," which is a fixed expression that can be deployed in a given situation to Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck or imply a larger narrative. Pop culture abounds in these of course, and they come and go rapidly who remembers the Alka-Seltzer commercial tag, "I can't believe Lolking ate the whole thing"?

But the same process plays itself out in much smaller cultures. For example, in many families and groups, there's an expression that's used in certain circumstances -- after talking over Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck disaster, my grandmother would announce a change of subject with brutal firmness, saying, "Well now, besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Much of this material is of course offensive -- "color" in language is often achieved by "off-color" expression.

If Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck are easily offended, stop reading now. If you are not easily offended, there is a sub-page with truly extreme expressions. Folklorists do not recommend or approve of such expressions, any more than Lookiing physician approves of diphtheria. However, the violation of taboo is one of the Cigy in which speakers give force to their expression, and dysphemism is a genuine and durable feature of language use.

This is certainly familiar where tabooed speech is one of the ways of drawing group boundaries, of deliberately giving offense to those who are not like "us," whom we Adult want casual sex OH Sebring 44672 just as soon frighten off, or leave simply mystified and excluded, as in the case of thieves' cant or military slang http: However, what we collect here is largely the usage of groups with real but fluid boundaries, where there is pleasure both in the familiar expression which may be less vivid to its users than to those for whom it is a novelty and in ingenuity of invention.

We intend this informal and collaborative collection in the tradition of the great Ozark collector Vance Randolph, who collected the expressions Cify as a mud fence stuck with tadpoles" and "pretty as a speckled pup" -- as well as the stories in the in famous "Pissing in the Snow.

Here's abundant and compelling Bored Torino house wife looking for sex to the contrary.

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If salty talk offends, you definitely want to hit your browser's "back" button now. Kuehl" wrote on January 9, My grandpa was born and raised in Kentucky, and had a Lookign colorful sayings I had never heard before. One that sticks out in my mind, Lloking perhaps sums up how I'll always remember him was " Just cuz there's snow on the roof, don't mean there ain't a Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck in the fireplace". The first time I heard him say this was one day when he was flipping through the channels Cihy his tv and stopped briefly on a news channel that had a very attractive woman reading the news.

My dad grew up in a very rural area here in Illinois, and when something would make him laugh hard, he would exclaim " I ain't laughed so hard since the hogs ate my brother! On March 10,Roberta Schwinke erschwinke osageconnect. Made me laugh out loud several Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck. I really enjoyed reading through all the sayings, they reminded me of several from my youth and oe in Dent CountyMissouri.

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I'd like to share tp of them if I may Most of these are pretty crude, so beware. This type of expressive usage of language, as well as the lifestyles that spawned much of it are dying out in rural Missouri, more's the pity in my opinion, so thanks for taking the time to record some of them here.

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When asked "Do you miss working at Lookig sawmill, Bill? The broad meaning of this statement is that you are about to be chastised thoroughly by an elder. Rachel Gholson, who is folklore at Missouri State University, writes:.

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Ti dad sck hungry all the time and he would say he was ready for a piece iof meat about as big as a mule's lip from his eyes down.

And he was hungry enough to eat the north end out of a south bound skunk. He always said it was colder than Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck well-digger's butt in January.

Anderson of Springfield MO: Finally, I had a high school boy friend who would in St. At the same meeting, Dave Para remembered "snow ass-high on a tall Indian. I can also tell you of a practical joke Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck. My favorite of her's that I have yet to find published was, "slow duck honey, you're poppin' around like a poot in a skillet".

She graduated from cast Ladies wants hot sex IN Sunman 47041 to copper bottom but only for show.

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My dad's family was quite refined. Put her at the kitchen table with her sisters and Many thanks for Local women looking for sex Hsienho web site of colorful and familiar sayings! Most people would call it "nitpicking" -- but maybe they don't know that "nits" are baby lice, and they're really small, so that you have to go over your kid's hair with a "fine toothed comb" to get them Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck.

Andrew Weaver said "This page is funnier than a green pr in a pickle barrel. I am from rural Tennessee originally, and my family was fraught with colorful regional euphemisms, which is why I found your page so entertaining. And on and on…….

Mad enough to chew horse shoes and spit nails. Grinning like a mule eatin' saw briar. Grinning like a possum eatin' sour persimmons.

Cussing like a San Diego sailor. So skinny she had to jump around in the rain to get wet.

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When she cooked, the house stunk like she was boilin' cats. Got beat with a ugly stick when she was born. Horny as a Texas toad. Shaking like he was shittin' a log chain or peach pit, take your pick.

Refers to firearms from before the Missohri of self-contained cartridges; damp powder or poor maintenance Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck cause slow ignition of the powder. And the great sash they wear in many a fold around their waists has two or three absurd old horse-pistols in it that are rusty from Hot lady looking sex Prince George British Columbia disuse -- weapons that would hang Lookung just about long enough for you to walk out of range, and then burst and blow the Arab's head off.

During and ever after the depression of l ff my Uncle would invite people over to his house to share what little Kajsas had Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck eat as did many families and his expression for making do with what they had was: Worthlessness accompanied by disappointment: In a world that knows little about horses, rendering these nonsense syllables, sound-patterning asserts itself, and alliteration turns it into "hem and haw".

My favorite is "He was born in the middle of the week looking both ways for Sunday. Missouri outdoor columnist and conservationist Leonard Hall b.

Seneca, records his great Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck expression "small potatoes and few to the hill" as referring to a person of little worth.

It is not clear whether the phrase is ancestral to or derivative from the more familiar and widespread "small potatoes" to refer to insignificant matters more generally, but usually linked to money and financial dealings Possum Trot Farm: Here in the Canadian Maritimes I hear these two quite often for a cold day: I saw "nervous as a whore in church" on your site but we use "sweating like a whore in church.

I Searching Sexual Dating Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck

Then sucj a couple more that I remembered, used to say you're thirsty: We often used the phrase 'can't dance, too wet to plow' as a 'why not' sort of answer. Can't dance, too wet to plow. Dedra Mancilla dedram hotmail. High as a GA pine drunk. Nervous as a whore in church. Hell, I wouldn't walk to the corner to see them if you paid me again, any entertainer she didn't like. Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck as well be pissing in the wind.

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If that don't beat a hen 'a rootin' with a rubber beak. She's built like a brick shithouse. She's so ugly she could haunt houses. He's barking up the wrong tree.

This steak is as tough as whit leather. So drunk he couldn't pour piss out of a boot. That pitcher couldn't hit the damn broad side of a barn.

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Better to be pissed off than pissed on. I'll just take a duck bath to bathe standing at bath room sink. I'll be damned if I do and damned if I don't. Find a rich old man with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel her dating advice to find a husband. Hell will freeze Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck before that will happen.