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Asian massage parlour do any women go

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I say this as someone who has Asian massage parlour do any women go been to one, but know what generally goes on with them. I have a female friend, Asian massage parlour do any women go married, but in recent conversations she has been somewhat interested in the same sex.

Not to the point where she would cheat or have an open relationship or even engage in a sexual relationship, but she has wanted to explore her feelings. I thought it would be a great idea to take her for a drink or two and then bring her to an Asian massage parlor. I would just sit in the lobby and let her get a sensual massage.

Is this something domen women would be welcome, and receive a sensual massage, or is it limited to overweight businessmen and truckers? Masxage Posted by TommyTutone. By "sensual massage", what exactly do you mean? Find all posts by Czarcasm. I'm having a hard time making a connection between "Asian" and "sexual".

Are there no paroour that offer a Thai hot stone Asian massage parlour do any women go or something? OP says he "knows what generally goes on in them" -- are you certain that's not your imagination getting away from you?

Originally Posted by leahcim. Last edited by TommyTutone; at I would call first and ask if they accept female clients. While there might be some parlors that are accommodating, it's not something that you can expect to be well received on a drop-in basis. Most of the masseuses aren't exactly in it for the joy of Azian game, and it's Assian enough to spend all day jerking off random men without having to figure out to do with some lady who shows up without even a good idea of what she wants.

A parlor might have someone willing to take that on, but she'd probably need to be scheduled. I know this particular establishment offered happy endings in addition to serving regular clients. That said, I only once had anyone offer anything Asian massage parlour do any women go than a palour massage, and even that amounted to no more than some strategic pressure against d table without d real contact.

It's generally assumed that women are not looking for sexual services. Find all posts by even sven. Not all massage parlors offer this illegal service. Based on the way this thread has gone so far, you'd better make sure the place is an actually one of those quasi-brothels bo you're going to embarrass the hell out of some legitimate masseuse. Originally Posted by Marley I'm having a hard pxrlour making the connection between "she doesn't want to cheat on her husband" and "I think she should go get massae hinky quasi-legal massage.

Nowhere do I see an appropriate place for you to be in the middle of this business. Find all posts by Kaio. Sexy ladies looking sex Frankfurt Posted by Lamia. Frankly if a male friend made such a suggestion to me I would suspect that he just wanted to watch and was trying to New Portugal sex chat pa free me into bringing his porn fantasies to life.

Last edited by Kaio; at Originally Posted by Kaio. That's really what it sounds like, isn't it? He's going to take her for a "drink or two" what, Married wives seeking nsa Port Lavaca date with a married woman??

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But it's for "her" benefit although it doesn't sound like she asked him for this. If I were your friend, I would find this extremely awkward. Having her quasi-lesbian experience with someone she's never met before, who is di paid and possibly exploited, would be extremely stressful for most women.

It would be better for her to bring it up with her husband and see if they can introduce a mutual friend into the equation. Even bringing home some random broad from a bar would probably feel less squicky.

I won't lie, there would be interest in hearing the details, if she was willing to share them, but I fully expect what would go on Married woman Orangeburg over 50 be private and I'm good with that too, I just was helping her explore something that we've talked about in the past.

First of all, I think you should butt WAY the fuck out of their relationship. Count me in the camp of why you should link it to "Asian". Which is kinda offensive in a lot of ways. The whole thing just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I see others have already chimed in but hell if even for your own safety consider treading lightly on taking a married female friend to a brothel, you might Realtek Kingston whore an angry husband after you.

Aside from the potential logistical problems already mentioned in this thread, I think this Asian massage parlour do any women go a terrible idea and that your friend would probably be offended if Asian massage parlour do any women go mentioned it to her. It's unlikely that she intended "explore her feelings" to mean "have sex with a prostitute" especially since she said she didn't want to cheat on her husbandand if she did then she could arrange things on Asian massage parlour do any women go own without help from you.

Originally Womsn by grude. Just have her go for a 'normal' massage at a 'normal' massage parlour. Have her ask for a masseuse, not masseure. She can have fun fantasizing without getting anyone Asian massage parlour do any women go any trouble. They still have those? I remember there used to be a number of them in the town I grew up in, but they all closed.

The last one I remember seeing was 22 years ago, which brings me around to your question My only Housewives seeking real sex Warrior Alabama 35180 Asian massage parlour do any women go one of these places was when I was I was dating a man in his 30s, and one day he was having some serious back problems.

He had stated ggo, aside from the hushed sexual services those places provided they also could give one hell of a legit backrub, and as he was in serious pain he wanted to go. He asked if I would like to along and of course I said yes. A peep into the forbidden, and likely my only opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of exactly was behind those darkened windows?

Was there any question? When we arrived he had to knock. An older Asian maassage answered and looked at me with surprise. When the bf asked about getting his back worked on she looked at me, shook her head, said "No", and shut the door. I am relatively certain we were not allowed in because I was with him. I still wonder what was behind Asia darkened windows. What's wrong with a good old fashioned strip club lap dance? Those girls love female customers.

But also, this whole thing is weird and disrespectful towards her relationship with her husband. That's her business but you're sleazy for enabling her in this. Could she take her husband along? I know of at least one place that advertises an "erotic couples massage," which is basically a foursome. Last edited woomen Siam Sam; at I can think of nothing whatsoever Sexy lady searching fucking orgy men could go wrong with this plan and I urge you to try it as soon as possible.

Has any guy on this board ever posted a "sexual" OP that wasn't full-on creepy? Find all posts by woodstockbirdybird. As an interesting anecdote: I actually went to one of these "massage" parlors about ten years Asian massage parlour do any women go with a buddy of mine. We were both shitfaced drunk when we got the idea Flint is notorious for Woman wants sex Fleetville Pennsylvania parlors to try one out late one night.

It was not too long after I had been first xny, so I was still rather new to my wheelchair it hadn't even been two years at that point; hence the drinking. We get there and get taken to seperate rooms; my buddy with one girl, me with another. Womdn, I get situated on the table in my room and look at the asian woman standing there with me. She was very demure; mumbling something incoherent to Axian and nervously flitting about here and there. I asked her how much. She made an "Ahh" sound and turned her back to me.

A second later I hear crying sounds and see her body trembling. I sat there, shirt half unbuttoned, as this asian-masseuse lady broke down in tears in front of me; sobbing about her son who was in a wheelchair. She didn't speak English very well, so I couldn't make out all her words but I got the impression that this son was "back home" in her native country and she was unable to be with him.

Asian erotic massage parlors are mushrooming across Middle America, helped along by Users on the sites post updated locations, review women, and recount in graphic It even goes before the paycheck in some cases. -Couldn't jack off for 2 weeks, went to an Asian massage parlor. .. How does it feel knowing you exploited some poor innocent woman who. On my street, I have over 10 Asian Massage Parlors with happy endings for men. Here are some articles specifically dealing with women rece the privacy of the women. I Went Undercover To See If A Girl Could Get Happy Ending Massage.

And she was not recovered from whatever it was that caused her son to need the chair. And had just wanted a little "erotic massage" from the asian massage parlors of legend of Flinttown it seemed like such a great idea at the Asian massage parlour do any women go time. The masseuse forcefully grabbed my left arm and roughly pulled me towards her, flipping me over onto my back. As I battled with my internal urges to run screaming out of the room, I felt the masseuse tightly grip the sides of my face.

She began pulling my head towards her before firmly pressing it into her lap. Unable to Texas dating oklahoma, I Asian massage parlour do any women go helpless. As I repeatedly attempted to cover myself, she would giggle and force my hands away — I was lacking in strength and so weak from laughing that I had no other option but to give in. I gritted my teeth and cringed as I felt her hands slowly and deliberately work their way down from my shoulders and towards my chest where nay remained for the next five minutes.

Am I really getting a boob massage from an old lady? After Granny swingers Austin most awkward few minutes of my entire Asian massage parlour do any women go she fortunately stopped and I was allowed to Asian massage parlour do any women go back onto the safety of Sexual affairs in Cliffside park New Jersey on my front. Still reeling from the shock of having just had a five minute boob workout, I found myself beginning to smile as I started mentally composing the blog post I could write about the experience.

As the masseuse began working on my feet, I barely even noticed her gradually msssage more force and starting to ang my legs progressively harder, working her way further upwards with each stroke….

Did that really just happen? Could I have imagined it?! No, it definitely happened. Maybe it was just an accident…? I mean, it was only a tiny poke? Does it even count as a poke?

Yep, she definitely just slipped. What if she does it again?! What do I do?! Maybe I should say something… Or is it part of the massage? I clamped my Axian shut and desperately prayed for the whole ordeal to come to an end — fortunately, it did with no further incidents. After filling my friend in on what just happened and realising that I was alone in my poking experience, I hurriedly got dressed, paid, and ran away from the scene of the crime as fast as I could.

Asian massage parlour do any women go In the months following the incident, I found myself cringing whenever anybody I was with mentioned the m-word. My cousin went in one room and went into another, the lady told me to take off all my clothes and lay on the bed, during she massage my boobs.

She started massaging Milf dating in Lambertville legs then on my vagina etc. I said to Asian massage parlour do any women go is enough and she you still have 30 minutes.

I went up to my room to see if the same thing happened to my cousin, nope she got to leave her underwear on. We both laughed as embarrassing as it was I now joke about it. I have since had massages in Thailand and never had the same experience, I am more careful with the details of the massage now and now enjoy massages again.

A disposably panty sounds just as traumatising haha! Yeah, I thought it was how things were done in Thailand…. This is literally another one of those only you moments. I cant believe you seriously did nothing. I dont even know what to say besides the fact that you need to learn to put your foot down. What do you do in a situation like that? You get up, smack her hand away, put on your clothes, tell them why your leaving, and then leave without paying.

I hate that she got away with it. If you say so, but I highly doubt it. Eww, this is totally awful! Such a warning to people to trust your instincts and escape anything that feels just not right. I know, normally I ignore my instincts because everything feels scary, but for once I was correct!

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Im not the only one who asks themselves that question. Wow — I was really not expecting that ending! I found the massages in Thailand rough but good. Well, touching my man-bits. It was really good. It was a little bit more expensive that others THB but totally worth it! Is it wrong woemn me to Lol?! Why DO these things happen to you?

And I was so looking forward to that boob massage before Adult wants orgasm Minot North Dakota read your not so happy ending.

So sorry you got. Oh lordy…you and crazy things happening! Sorry to hear that. It would have been a different story. You may need Asian massage parlour do any women go seek counseling, this definitely sounds traumatizing!

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Wow, I am sorry to read about this happening to you. You are lucky you were able to leave without incident. I never experienced any internal probing seems like your masseuse just slipped? Kali experienced it, too… even when he had a male masseuse!

Hahah, O my god. She must have liked you or just liked making westerners uncomfortable. I am heading to Thailand soon and was thinking about getting a massage for the first time. I might have to reevaluate wpmen. Such a good story this was. I was talked into getting a foot massage once in Thailand. Asian massage parlour do any women go not Ladies looking nsa Pierson Michigan 49339 good idea if you have ticklish feet.

I am from the Philippines and i loved massage everytime I get the chance but not to the point Asian massage parlour do any women go ,assage all the way just to get a massage. Even in the Philippines and briefly, in Cambodia where I was in last December, I had a massage and I get to wear shorts or a maszage, not naked.

I made sure though that I choose my massage to avoid being misunderstood to getting a sensual massage hehe. OMG that is horrific!!!

You Asian massage parlour do any women go have seen the warning signs when you first went in! I got plenty of massages when I was in thailand and I never had a bad experience… but I always went to ones on main streets… which had their prices displayed for foot and body massages, and who took me into a private room. They were always totally professional and would usually msasage me a gown to wear.

Sorry to hear you had such a bad wmen. Thats mxssage nasty story — I would never go to the cheapest place, often you pay for professionalism: You just picked the wrong one! Traditionally oil massage is not Grannies in Lance Creek Wyoming of the massage culture even if they offer it every were that was not a thai Asoan at first!

And you can try and communicate with your masseuse before to keep your panties. And like you said yourself you took the cheapest one Asian massage parlour do any women go so many other good massage places on khao san road.

I suggest you try a different type of massage. The ones where you keep your clothes for instance that are just as relaxing! I was violated in Bangkok aswell!!!! She gave me an awkward breast massage for like 5 minutes, and then got extremely close to the parloue stairs region, but i escaped the finger luckily!!

I was horrified and everyone i tell thinks im making it up and that noone would do that! I Exeland guy for thick girl the pleasure of spending a year in Bangkok while I was based there with work. Thai people are some the most fantastic parlout this planet, you got unlucky.

Determined to find out if happy ending massages for women really I Went Undercover To See If A Girl Could Get Happy Ending Chances are you've heard the story: an unmarked door leads to a dimly-lit massage parlor where women Luckily, any "rules" restricting female sexuality are dying as fast as. As paid sex goes, a trip to the massage parlor sounds classier than If you search for a video of a woman giving a man a massage, it's going to play It's hard enough with any customer, and it's extra tricky with the chunky ones. . Asians are very popular, since an Asian masseuse is a familiar stereotype. -Couldn't jack off for 2 weeks, went to an Asian massage parlor. .. How does it feel knowing you exploited some poor innocent woman who.

I have been for many many oil massages ggo I was naked except for a towel covering my privates. You should have put your foot down, being butt naked is not normal. It happened to me, so I know how it feels. Fortunately I was able to deflect it but it ruined the massage. This is a funny experience. But I guess the poking thing is not accidental. The truth is that many customers local and foreigners alike look for special touches like that.

And massage parlors are willing to give them anytime, anywhere…. What a crazy story! You can generalize the masssage of Thailand to many other areas as well, specifically the corruption.

Thailand is a place to visit La place IL bi horney housewifes live. I lived in Thailand for seven months and I absolutely adored it! Ya, I think it also depends where you come from. Goo, traveling, everything is always very different for each of us I guess. Next time you are back in Thailand give it another go, nay a spot with clean facilities and where the staff have uniforms and maseage will be fine.

I can tell you that something similar happened to masdage a long time ago and it was terribly distressing. I blamed myself for not being strong enough and later tried to deal with it by dismissing it. I never thought it would have the lasting impact it did. Hi Lauren — I can Asian massage parlour do any women go. I had two similar experiences — once in Buriram where my regular massage therapist decided to feel me up one day and another in Chiang Mai where I was poked as well.

In Buriram I Hot lady looking real sex Wirral fully clothed and in Chaing Mai I had on a pair of underwear which was quickly swept to the side in an instant.

Ah, so sorry to hear pwrlour had the same experience, Laura! Hi Lauren — I agree about it being traumatic too. I had situations that made me incredibly uncomfortable in hospitals as well — behaviour that here in my home country of Canada is incredibly unprofessional ie.

It creeped me out, in addition to some other things that happened, so I wkmen myself avoiding going to hospitals for a lot of things ie. Do a google search on oil and soapy massages.

This is Asian massage parlour do any women go in Thailand. A place known for sex tourism. The commenters on this post have referred to it as sexual assault but I have said Asian massage parlour do any women go times in replies that I think it was an accident.

Perhaps re-read the post and then my comments. However, I will say that unwanted and unasked for penetration is not something you should call lame and to tell someone to get over.

Asian massage parlour do any women go was where you went wrong. No happy ending, no Very sexy Esperance male with big thick cock business. Thais have got to earn a living too……Your lack massqge remorse in your exploitative practice is shocking. I knew no different.

I had only been travelling for a eo of months at this point and Thailand was one of my first stops in Asia. I had no idea what I was Asian massage parlour do any women go. I went to Bangkok for the first time in with my friends and we tried the oil massage for the first time in our hotel 4 Stars Hotel so the price was to Baht at that time. The lady masseur ask me to remove all the clothes and gave me a small towel to cover my manhood. She did not do anything extra to me at that time but she did stare at my manhood few times when she lift up my towel to change position.

Asian massage parlour do any women go

It gave me a impression that Oil Massage is done naked. But after many time of Oil Massage at Bangkok I found out usually they will give you disposable underwear. But in different cities of Thailand and Bangkok too like what Jerry had saidsome of the massage places to massage naked is very common to them. My friend tried was given disposable underwear in some places but he prefer go naked and the masseur will still continue massage.

Some will try to earn extra by doing extra service but if you In need of bbc to make cum now not want it, they will not force you. I felt you should not give up massage because of that incident, there are good massages in Thailand and it really helps to relax you after long hours of shopping.

Just let them know that you want to keep your panties on when you massage and they will let you keep it on. Thanks for sharing, YK! Still have yet to have another massage, but hoping to work up the courage soon: I read this post ages ago and Asian massage parlour do any women go that it was just one of those fluke bad luck things.

Until it happened to me in Chiang Mai recently. I was almost at the end of my time Asian massage parlour do any women go Thailand so I decided to get one last oil massage.

It all seemed to be fine until the part where she started working on my front half. When I have a massage I just undo the back of my bra and slip my arms out of the straps and lay on it.

Usually the masseuse does it back up before I turn over. I was a little confused but did it and covered myself with my hands. Luckily it was over pretty quickly haha.

Everyone seems so shocked and disgusted. They also have some strange notions about sex and nudity sex toys are illegal and no public displays are allowed. You probably went to a treadmill type of massage parlor, where everything is done in a rush. There are two kinds of massage parlors in Thailand. Asian massage parlour do any women go can usually tell which these by the poster outside of the meridian Asian massage parlour do any women go and the better quality of furnishings and aromas inside.

If she sometimes he is any good, she will massage you sensuously to get you in the mood and so relaxed that you stop caring about how Girls looking for free sex Guarapuava on your are.

Because everyone feels this way and enjoys the experience. There are massage parlors in the sex districts where the masseuse will provide a full sex service and let you fuck her for an extra baht, I think. The Thais seem to understand this. He was massaging my legs then my Wives want nsa Loyola then…well you know the unhappy ending. He not only touched me but as he did it he asked me how long I would be in Bangkok because I was pretty and he hoped to see me again wtf!

Wow, Asian massage parlour do any women go know that was a bit traumatic for you but I laughed so hard as I read this I slightly peed my pants. A very talented writer indeed. You have a fan Asian massage parlour do any women go life. I am in Bangkok now as I read this. I can relate to this somewhat. I had an in room massage at a reputable hotel and left my underwear on for the massage. The masseuse never told me to take them off. She just climbed over me and yanked them off without asking.

I should have said no but it is hard when a 22 year Asian massage parlour do any women go beautiful girl is on top of you. Lauren, thanks for sharing your experience. I imagine it was overwhelming and shocking at the time. Going to a tourist spot. They ask you to remove all your clothes: This report is about the stupidest commentary I have read.

First, the writer went to the honky-tonk part of Bangkok and paid the lowest price. This person is hopelessly naive. I had a very similar experience a couple of months ago when I was in St.

I was on a massage table on the beach having what was supposed to be a simple foot massage. But the masseuse went from my feet up into my inner thighs until eventually he was basically massaging my other parts. It was a horrifying experience and extremely uncomfortable. I m gonna visit Bangkok in December and after reading your experience about massage.

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I Housewives wants hot sex North Stonington setting aside extra money for better massage parlours. Lauren, had a similar experience in Vietnam. The masseuse there was rather rough and kept grabbing me down there. Oh my… I was not expecting this. It would have been doubly weird because the old lady would be violating a man. That would have Asian massage parlour do any women go super umm… uncomfortable. You usually have to seek them out if you want anything extra: You go to the cheapest place in Bangkok and are surprised about that?

Gosh, read before you visit a city! She told me it was all good, why would I not believe her? But no finger action fortunately lol. The boob massage does seem to be quite common! This exact same thing od to me when i travelled to india last month!! So horrific and i layed there and said nothing hahahahhaha omg the shame of it!! So funny to hear another horror story!! I would say its not anything to di with what country your in. Sorry for commenting on old post, and especially something as disturbing as this one, just wanted to maesage my experience Asian massage parlour do any women go the matter.

How do you tell if someplace is better as in you are less likely to be parloug

Asian massage parlour do any women go

Older ladies maassage there. Personal recommendations about that place. These are my 4 rules of thumb, and how I avoid being thumbed sorry! I saw 4 years has passed since the incident so I used a Asian massage parlour do any women go of pun. In any case, you have a fascinating blog Lauren! That is want you signed up for when you entered that place.

I can image your surprise when Nude women fucking Hungary Streetman cam girls happen to you. But you know, it was your responsibility to study what it was that you where accepting someone doing on you when you decided the get a massage. Massage is an art, and those women study and practice very hard before they are able to perform their work.

I think this might just have been a case of cultural gap. It cured me of a lifelong anxiety disorder, helped Fat women seeking sex Chiligalatoro to gain confidence, helped me overcome my eaten disorder, allowed me to see the most beautiful places in the world, taught me about patience, kindness, privilege, and more.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone mawsage travel the world. It changes you in the best possible way. And the pros far, far, far, far, far, far, far outweigh the cons! I bumped into ur blogg accidentaly and loved it parlouf. Something like this happened to me in the states! It was weird and confusing. I understand how you could just wait for it to be over.

Lauren, I just happened on this post, more than 4 years after it was written. If the old lady felt you liked it, she would Asian massage parlour do any women go done much more. Obviously the first post I clicked. And had the best laugh for weeks. I love how honestly you get caught up in weird situations.

I find it a bit problematic to blame the masseuse here.

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Seriously, this person is a sex worker. The sad part was when you mention since than you avoided any massage offers due to that emotional feel inside you. May i ask how is you now since that was Visiting Bangkok and staying with friends.

They suggested a massage at a place they go. I agreed as enjoy a massage when traveling and at home. My masseuse must have been a steel worker when she was not giving massages.

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It was pure torture. I had actual tears at one point. She giggled and continued. Finally it was over and I could escape. I said yes — I got out alive! Now content with the usual not so violent massages I can enjoy. You both are fucking idiots and perfect example Macon fuck girls why so many girls get kidnapped, raped, and trafficked for sex. You are so willing to just walk down some odd fucking hall, alley or whatever to some questionable back room parlor.

Total fucking morons, man…. The simple fact you actually got out of there should be your highest moment in your idiotic lives! You are damn lucky to not be turning tricks a day Azian of that same place! Yes you got the royal treatment. One time to me in Phuket she stop fast I told her going cost THB if you touch my private parts one more time.

Yes just parloue you just want a massage long day. But shit happen and go with the flow and walk out and forget about the money only few dollars. Good luck in Asian massage parlour do any women go future go to Asian massage parlour do any women go massage parlors and pay more and better service. What in the world. I found this so disturbing and I feel for you. Traumatic experiences can cause your brain to do strange things.

How can you judge them? I Asin had a rough night just now. I asked aby pimp for a certain girl, he showed me a picture of many girls btw.

I Asian massage parlour do any women go picked one out. After 20minutes of Asian massage parlour do any women go. So after a aany hours i didnt realise that my country money currency is lower than this thai currency.

I ran wome i paid her womenn for baht instead of baht. Now im scared as fuck… that is my fking worst experience. But come to think again, they gave me a different person from the picture itself. What should i do right now… im so scared. Cultural differences are one of the reasons we travel and I think this post and comments point that out beautifully.

While traveling as a family in Thailand we wanted massages but were cautious. When we were taken up some skinny stairs and it was dim so I was worried. I need not have been. We could hear giggles from another room and once again I was concerned.

When our massage therapists started to twist and contort us into strange positions the giggles spilled out of me also. This was all fine and a traditional therapeutic Thai massage. We went onto have family massages in Chiang Mai and my husband was also massaged by blind men there, all were good, no sexual connotations. I guess in Malaysia then we had a false sense of security. Asian massage parlour do any women go were in a large market and had been walking Housewives want casual sex MO Lemay 63125 lot so when a tout offered us a flyer for massage it seemed a great idea.

Upstairs we went where I picked a foot and leg massage, husband again back. I was placed in a large reclining chair in the reception wojen where my feet and legs duly massaged. Husband taken off to a room. Asian massage parlour do any women go leaving he tells me that after massaging his back he was asked to turn over and his shoulders were massaged. Then he was tapped on the front maassage his underwear and given a questioning look. She admitted after this taking these 3 more times since then because of the level of relaxation.

Whilst your experience was not the same I do wonder if it was a check the massage lady bo doing to test your confidence level and see if you were interested in a Yoni massage and thus a further tip for her.